When The Stroms Come

26 Jun

When The Stroms Come

There is a storm beyond the week. Not exciting, just kind of a thunderstorm in the open, but emotional storms inside. Work is annoying. My hormonal workup blood draw is coming up this week. I left Grant. The daddy process is inconsistent.

And my friend at work has changed from being diagnosed with melanoma.

I will not neglect to leave Thursday morning when she hears this news. Cardiology ladies have gathered around her, sharing tears, hugs and heartache. A million thoughts are going through our heads, and we still don’t understand what to think. Fears and questions. What if and why.

On Sunday in the church, I heard Mark read the Gospel, when the bankruptcy turned to verses 4, 35-41. The apostles aboard the storm-shaking boat … anxious, thinking. Wondering about the outcome.

So they went to Jesus.

I love the fact that he didn’t have to worry about the storm. The wind and the sea that collapsed were nothing that he could not bear, nothing unexpected or surprising. Yet he almost cared for his followers, who knew their fear …

And the hurricane calmed down.

My friend now has an appointment with her medical doctor. He turned to reassurance and inspiration. The ulcer is very unusual, it is viable, it is not melanoma in any case. She should have checked in though, but there may be a wish.

I have found that the Lord is close when the storms in our lives take place. I find that he is very aware of what is going on, even when he appears to be beating. He knows our fears and our questions, our hopes and our sorrows. When we come to Him, He will help us to overcome adversity – or He will calm the storm.

Because he “obeyed the wind and the sea.”

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