Waiting With Patience and Living With Purpose

26 Jun

Waiting With Patience and Living With Purpose

“You’re not on my own, because I’m here.”
Let’s wipe every one of your tears,
My love, I have not left your point,
I have seen you through the dark night,
And I love your lifestyle,
Faithful and genuine, forever, Oh my love will tell you. “

  • “You’re not alone,” Meredith Andrews

I love when God sends us songs on the radio at the right time. I was talking to Grant on the telephone, saying that his 2-week departure from Iraq will be driven after that, probably by April, with preference for February.

The surprising thing is that in February I realized how much I was planning. How tough the expectation is, but at least I have to start saying that I will see each of them next month. I knew it was temporary, because almost the entire army was inside, but still my heart kept this hope alive until February. Now … now we can have extra days, extra weeks, every other month or so.

When I tried to find strength somewhere, this music came at a Christian radio station. I have listened to fascinating lyrics and am reminded that I am not myself now. Even though Grant could not be here with me, the Lord did not leave my point. Jesus, my best love, appeared to me before dark nights. My presence was long before Grant and he loved me and I knew each other. So I rest in him, knowing that his plan is the best. I convey the love of Grant in my heart of hearts and allow the love of my Savior to take hold of me.

My new year’s decision in these 12 months was to have a patient coronary heart. This is my fourth year of choosing a high-quality heart for paintings, so I am as great as my savior. A grateful heart in 2006, a hopeful coronary heart in 2007, a happy heart in 2008 and now a patient heart in 2009. This year is definitely appropriate as I look forward to Grant’s safe return. And even greater than that. I want to extend it my whole life. Instead of an active, multi-tasking, busy mentality these days, I strive for stillness, persistence and purpose. Life is beautiful when we make an effort to be honest.

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