The God Of Hope

26 Jun

The God Of Hope

Are there coconuts I see in the corner of the page? I understand that the fact that I posted has been going on for a while … over a month … and I’m losing form on the topic of blogging … but I have some mind in proportion, so right here I am.

Pope Benedict XVI in his encyclical “God is Love” came across this quote and read my CCD e book the following day.

He says, “There are times when the burden of necessity and our personal limitations can tempt us to become discouraged. However, in the end we are helped by the perception that there are simple contradictions in the Lord’s fingers. It frees us from wisdom … In all humility we have ch Yagaliginadi can do, and we all vinayalalo relaxation appagistamu the Lord. “

There is so much to digest, but I love it. Nowadays, it is easy to get discouraged by the problems and burdens of the sector. Grant tells me about recent news about ‘custom toddlers’ and euthanasia for terminal patients. I read in the newspaper about President Obama’s latest growth in investment for embryonic stem cell research. Two high school children in the area recently committed suicide. My colleagues’ husbands are leaving their jobs in a declining economy. Immoral. Sadness. Disappointed. Amidst all this, what can I do?

What the Pope says: Do what we can and surrender the rest to the Lord.

That is comforting. That burden will be reduced as I cannot solve the problems of these sectors by myself. Only God can do it. I must have him, ready to be used in whatever way he leads. It takes humility. But it brings happiness and desire and peace.

Happiness, because I can find glory and light heartedness in understanding contemporary interests, he is on top of things of the future. Hopefully, because I am serving a wonderful God with a really perfect plan for His young people. And peace, because when my heart is full of joy and longing, I need not worry.

These days my thoughts are upfront … and tonight, as I examine my daily devotion, I laugh at the Lord’s time as I study this verse:

“Fill us all with joy and peace in trusting the God of Desire, so that we may additionally cultivate desire by using the power of the Holy Spirit.” -Romans 15: Thirteen

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