My Ski Trip Adventure

26 Jun

My Ski Trip Adventure

We took teenagers from church in a ski experience two weeks ago. And I am not the same in any way. Okay, so maybe it didn’t bother me for a living, but it gave me enough amnesia to seek out some Xanax or Ativan for a women’s retreat in Michigan this month.

We met enthusiastically in the church and early in the day. If you have any problems with my driving skills, those doubts will soon disappear. Believe me, I was in a big consciousness with the church’s nose loading into the vans, and it was easy to see the Van Door slam and the glass bursting back. And look at the face of the guy who slammed it.

Life happens. So we cleaned the glass and used some duct tape and plastic to take over the area, and then on our way. 20 Diploma weather with lots of inches of snow – ideal for snowboarding and not much for riding anymore. Especially when I was driving a 12 passenger van it was never mine. The roads are covered with snow and ice patches. Even the interstate was not as clear as I hoped.

Enter the disaster … er, I suggest, travel … # 2. My windshield is now not clean from the slush. I tried the viper liquid, but it turned out to be empty. Windshield wipers are not a suit for sticky, icy mess without viper fluid. So we stopped at the turnpike’s fa –ade – yes, this is best said to prevent for emergencies – and fortunately, one of the different drivers had some wiper fluid for me.

We will move once more. My teenagers seemed to be unaware of any dangerous street conditions, especially if I looked in the rearview and noticed where their heads were. I explained to them calmly, I was in charge. Yes, you can make some snacks, though you don’t have to turn on the seats to get them.

Ah. Window sticks and windshields are clean. What should be greater than this? After I used the brakes I decided to have my van fainted. Gary recommended that this could be from the trouble with the anti-lock brakes on the right … it seemed too much to me? I found it to be a trouble free supply now, but, the van stopped at the turnpike station – about 10 feet before we reached the station.

As I write this, you can leave the story behind. We arrived right at our vacation spot and enjoyed the afternoon skiing, skiing and falling down the slopes. One of the women mistook her ski goggles. By accident, two men from our group went under the Black Diamond. My skis were wrong in size and I didn’t realize it until I put them on with the help of one of the slopes.

All in all, it sure turned out to be a laugh day. The Lord has his hand on us and taught us a few things about religion. He is the ideal. Life is beautiful. But I have yet to hesitate to go on that journey with the ladies this month …

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