Memorial Day Thoughts

26 Jun

Memorial Day Thoughts

Memorial Day My Buddy Chantel wrote an extraordinary offering that you can read on www.Ylcf.Org. So many of my heartfelt thoughts this weekend.

After Sunday church we have a special outside Memorial Day carrier. I stood there with a heart full of feelings and tears filled with tears. I think my guy was working long, tiring days in Iraq. As a man read a letter written by a Civil War soldier to his spouse the week before he died, I thought of the infantrymen from the wars. As I look at our magnificent flag in the air and hear the screams of taps, I think of the homes of 5 infantry soldiers killed in the final month of Mosul.

Then I felt a hand on my shoulder and my father stand beside me, tears welling up in his private eyes. I knew that his mind was on me. We stood in silence for a moment. At that moment he turned to me, helping me and Grant, thinking of the world to me.

I am very happy with my soldier. And the men and women who fight him for our yew shield. S. Ans .. and those who gave the whole thing – their lives – for our country. I am indebted to their carrier. I am grateful for their sacrifice.

Because I love this uni. S. B. With the heart of my heart.

God bless America and produce us again to follow Him as Kingdom.

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