Looking To Him For Joy

26 Jun

Looking To Him For Joy

I hear it once more these days in church. Psalm 34: 6. Do we also have that verse on the last Sunday? Sure enough, I flipped through the pages for the final week of Bible reading and it came out once again.

Oops. Is God trying to convey something to me? It’s a wonderful problem, he doesn’t repeat things after I get it the first time.

Psalm 34: 6 says, “Look upon Him, that you may shine with joy.” There are a lot of desirable things to fill in that quick little poem …

Joy. That is the attribute that every Christian intends to bubble up. Always smile on our face. Positive thoughts and words are constantly in my mind and at the tip of my tongue. Never worry or worry.


Not much. This is one of my preferred definitions of happiness: “Happiness is a deep-seated self-assurance that God can control every area of ​​your existence.” Wow. It does not seem to be superficial smiles or simple sayings. A deeply established self-confidence. Getting to know the Godhead is detrimental.

It sounds like choice, choice. Not fleeting emotion.

And to make that choice, we “look to Him.” He is a source of happiness. We can best find a deep-seated confidence in him. If we are looking for Him, knowing more about who He is and His wonderful love, how can we not choose happiness anymore?

And even if we have that authentic joy, then we can be bright. Only when we hang out with the source of happiness can we make it out of proportion, to radiate, to others.

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