Little Thoughts

26 Jun

Little Thoughts

Life is beautiful…

The sun smiles as I walk barefoot through the grass.

When the smell of toast is floating out of the oven.

-When I instantly fell in love and enjoyed bike riding with my own family.

  • A name from my man in Iraq brightens my day and warms my heart.

-But we’re excited about the countdown until everyone returns home.

-One time I want to be conscious of my Jesus, so that I can walk on the water, preferring to sink beneath the waves of life.

When the “Peace of God Beyond All Communications” is in my heart of hearts.

When I remember that trials are part of the lifestyle and they no longer suggest that we turn outside of God’s course for us, he is by our side to bring the exact same out of trouble.

-One time I have existed, without worrying the unknown, is a happy journey.

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