He Understands

26 Jun

He Understands

Last night I saw The Passion of the Christ with young people in church. Although I have seen it many times before, it has managed to contact me in a clean and personal manner. The way Jesus reminded me of humanity and what it means to me.

Looking at the role of Jesus in The Passion, unlike so many different depictions of Jesus, well, he feels so … human. There was no air of light privacy around him. The magnificent rays from heaven did not shine upon him. There is no throne that he can guide.

Instead He looks the same on us. He laughs just like us. He was sweating just like us. He bleeds just like us. He laughs just like us.

He laughs with Mary in a scene from the outside. And then he looks at her with blood from under the pass and a drow in his eyes. He enjoys sharing meals with his friends. And then he sees them running away at night.

It is God who knows what happiness is. This is what heart pain looks like. How laughter raises us. How the pain weighs us down.

I realize now that he is not holding this up because of the fact that he is the omniscient God, but because he has become the person he is. Because He took the flesh like my flesh, and my heart like the heart of Him. He worked hard. He cried. He smiled. He has a long way to go to be human.

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