Delightfully Insignificant

26 Jun

Delightfully Insignificant

With a full mind and attentive heart, cabin fever didn’t help. Feeling the need for some shiny air and surroundings, I strolled into the woods with my trusty dogs, piled at the ice tools. When I went back through the path in our discipline, I was already refreshed. How can I not be now when Micah skips, jumps and laughs the whole way?

And then I entered the snow-protected Narnia. Stillness. Peace. Beauty. This has become my go-to effort. I made a snow angel, tasted some fresh snow and sailed on the tree ingu. I visited all of my oldest haunts, reminiscing about gin humorous games I played as a child. It has become magical. I felt like I was going back in time. It is proper to stay away from the existing and its concerns and confusions.

Looking at the clear blue sky and knob on pure ice, I felt very little. I felt very small on this vastness, but I knew God who created all this. And he wanted to know me. He is greater than all of them – and still sees me as my one. He is big enough to handle and solve all my problems and fears.

Those worries seemed to be minimal, however, within the simplicity of the instant. Life is not as complicated as I make it. I want to take notice from his varied creation. Wood in the woods – They patiently and quietly wait for the spring, and their branches are raised to their Creator. My dogs – they are not nearly on duty, but are more involved in living a full life every second.

I don’t need to find my lifestyle. I want to attend patiently and quietly to find the next step, living every second to the fullest, raising my palms to the one who finds it all.

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